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Our Story

Founded in 2013, it originally started as a music recording studio, followed shortly by the huge success of "Mihail". Although it mostly focused on the music of "Mihail" in the first years, in 2019 Green Room Studio became a record label and is now working on bringing new talent to the larger audiences. If you're a talented musician and need to have your voice heard, send us a demo!

Some of our achievements:

The milestones we're the most proud of.

  1. 1
    Platinum Status Award

    Awarded for "Who You Are" which achieved no.1 airplay in Italy in 2018

  2. 2
    Top 5 on iTunes Charts

    Reached by "Who you are" in Italy in 2018

  3. 3
    no.1 Radio / TV Airplay

    Reached by "Who You Are" in Romania in 2017, and "Ma Ucide Ea" in 2016

  4. 4
    Over 100mil YT plays / 18mil Spotify Listens

    For the entire "Mihail" discography

Some of our work: