Let's talk about us

Sergiu Socaciu

Founder/Music Producer

Music Producer and founder of the early Green Room Studio, he manages collaborations and makes key decisions regarding music direction.

Mihail Sandu


Behind the curtain, Mihail is the image of Green Room Studio and has an important role in key decisions whether it's music selection or the direction of new talents.

Radu Muntean

Music Producer / Sound Designer

Joined initially as a FOH engineer for "Mihail", he is now the head music producer and sound designer for newly joined artists.

Dan Petean

Guitarist/Talent Scout

Joined initially as the guitarist for Mihail's live act, he is now a colaborating music producer, session guitarist and new-talent scout.

Vlad Bornuz

Producer/Tech Specialist

Music producer, specialized with Trap/HipHop. Handles everything technology related, like plug-in and software implentation.